Wasting food happens often. Way too often, if you ask me. Food waste is such a terrible thing but unfortunately, it happens in every household. Are you guilty of throwing food away? Maybe you will start explaining yourself – ‘‘it was expired what am I supposed to do with it?’’

Let me try and help you change some habits of yours that will both help you quit wasting and throwing food as well as save money.

– Get creative with leftovers and turn them into something new

What does that mean? Leftovers can lose their taste and become the last thing in your fridge that you want to touch. In those cases make sure you get creative and turn them into a brand new meal. Let me give you an example. You have chicken and you have some leftovers that aren’t that tasty anymore. Add the chicken into a salad or a taco. Maybe chop some vegetables and make veggies and chicken. I think you get what I mean. You really can get very creative and never have to deal with leftovers anymore.

– Freeze leftovers

Another thing that you can do with leftovers is to freeze them. That way they won’t go bad and you will easily have a meal prepared and ready.

– Be careful when you are cooking

I bet that everyone reading is guilty of this. When you are cooking and preparing all of the ingredients you tend to wash and cut more than you actually need. Why do we do that? We think to ourselves – ‘‘I will just use it the next time I am cooking and I won’t have to chop again.’’ You think you are saving a ton of energy by doing this but at the end of the day you never use these chopped up things and you end up throwing them away.

You need to use vegetables immediately otherwise they will start to go bad and you will throw them away.

– Make a list when you are going shopping

When you are going grocery shopping make sure you make a list of everything you need. Do not go without a shopping list. You will end up buying unnecessary things that you will just put in your fridge and forget about. Then after some time you will pick it up, see that it has expired and just throw it away. What’s the point? Make your shopping organized.