How often do you clean the appliances in your home that help you do your chores? I know your answer is going to be “very rarely”. But you should aim to change this. The habit of cleaning appliances in your home will be really beneficial for you because that way their lifespan will be long and their performance will be better. To be honest, this is the only way to avoid damage.

When it comes to your washing machine you probably think that it is self-cleaning and you do not need to do anything to maintain it but, unfortunately, you are wrong. There is a lot of soap residue, dirt, germs, hard water deposits, and other impurities that is covering your washing machine and you are the one that needs to remove them!

So how to clean a washing machine?

– Read the user manual

Before you start cleaning your washing machine you definitely need to read the user manual because different appliances require different types of cleaning.

– Clean the drawer

After you are done reading you can start cleaning the drawer that you place detergent and fabric softner. Use soapy warm water. This step is recommended to be done once a month!

– Clear the filter (if your washing machine has one)

Coins and other small objects can easily get stuck in the filter of your washing machine so if yours has one you need to check it and remove any items that are stuck there!

– Check the hose

Check the hose for any holes – it’s a very important step because if any holes are present then they can cause flooding.

– Run the appliance on the hottest setting

This is the best way to ensure all of the germs in your washing machine are completely removed. Put two cups of vinegar where you put the detergent in and run the empty washing machine on the hottest setting.

– Clean the drum

There might be some dirt left on the drum so in order to remove it completely you can scrub it with some rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth.

– Clean the exterior of the washing machine

The last step in cleaning your washing machine should always be taking care of the exterior. Again, you can use soapy water to do so!