Nail polish remover has so many different ways you can use it. Here I have listed some of the most brilliant things. 

  1. Use it to clean your keyboard
  2. Use it to unhinge superglue (since it sticks to almost everything the easiest way to remove it is with nail polish remover)
  3. Use it to remove ink stains (ink stain on your skin can be very annoying and hard to remove with just water – use nail polish)
  4. Use it to remove stickers from glass 
  5. Dissolve melted plastic (If you have ever gotten a plastic bag to a hot kitchen appliance you know what mess it creates. You can remove it by using nail polish)
  6. Use it to rub the paint off windows 
  7. Use it to rejuvenate stained china (for example coffee stains or tea stains. Soak a cloth and dab the stains then rinse with soap and water. Do not use this on decorative patterns since they can be ruined by the nail polish.) 
  8. Use it to shine shoes 
  9. Use it to remove cuts from a plastic watch cover 
  10. Use it to clean razors (this is amazing for sanitization)
  11. Use it to remove bathtub ring (nail polish gets rid of soap and scum stains. Just mix the remover with a little water and scrub with a stiff brush)