Tough Carpet CleaningCarpets usually suffer from stains and spills – it’s inevitable. Light staining caused by soft drinks, white wine etc. is relatively easy to remove from most natural and synthetic fibre carpets, but what about those really tough stains from things like ink, blood, rust or red wine? They might seem impossible to remove at first but there are ways to deal with such stubborn stains quite effectively. Most cleaners point out that there are three key things to remember when dealing with tough carpet stains:

  • Act as soon as possible;
  • Blot the stain with a clean paper or cloth towel;
  • Apply the correct cleaning method as per the type of stain;

Rust Stains – rust is particularly hard to remove from synthetic and natural fibre carpets so act timely and accordingly to ensure complete stain removal. Rust is hard to remove due to its chemical composition – it contains iron oxide. Be aware that certain formulated carpet stain removers react with iron oxide and actually make the rust stain permanent so make sure the product you are about to use is indeed the correct one for the job. For best results, mix together stain remover product with certain natural ingredients outlined below.

  • Apply a generous amount of rust stain remover product over the affected area;
  • Let it sit for about five to ten minutes and then rub over the stain with a clean sponge soaked in hot water – this should yield visible results right away;
  • Next up – pour a generous amount of lemon juice over the stained area and cover the stain with table salt, leave the mixture in the carpet for about twenty four hours;
  • After 24 hours, blot out the treated area with a clean, wet towel and repeat process if necessary;

Oily stains – oil stains can spread out and enlarge the affected area so be careful when dealing with them. Here is what to do:

  • Blot out as much of the oily stain as possible using paper towels, change with new towel every few blots so you don’t actually spread the stain or drive it deeper;
  • Pour a sufficient amount of rubbing alcohol over the stained area, wait a couple of minutes and blot out the diluted stain with a clean cloth – use white or light coloured cloth!
  • If follow up is needed, treat the stained area with dishwashing detergent and hot water solution, rinse carpet to complete the process;

Ink stains – indeed, such stains are notoriously hard to remove but there are ways to get rid of them, here is one possible solution Carpet Cleaning Bexleyheath:

  • Remove as much ink as possible by dabbing at the stain with a clean, dry cloth then soak another cloth in alcohol and repeat the dab until the ink is visibly diluted;
  • Alternatively or as a follow up – pour generous amount of table salt over the fresh ink stain, then let it sit as is overnight, vacuum the affected area thoroughly – the salt should have soaked in much of the ink;

Red wine stains – these can be a nightmare to remove so act as soon as possible, here are two possible ways to deal with the situation:

  • Blot out the stain immediately after the spill, apply the correct amount of commercial carpet cleaner over the affected area, let it settle and then sponge out with warm water;
  • If red wine has stained a light coloured carpet, quickly apply a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and bicarb soda directly over the stain, wait for five minutes and rinse with hot water;
  • Alternatively, treat the stain with white vinegar, then apply laundry detergent on top, wait a little while and then sponge out with hot water;